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Mike Kearns
Former Managing Director
Neptec UK

I would highly recommend the use of Kelly Lea's professional PR services if you want excellent coverage of your news in the UK.

Kelly provided PR support to Neptec UK (prior to Neptec's purchase by MDA/MAXAR).  She organized a very successful publicity campaign to highlight Neptec/MDA's development of a lunar landing sensor for an upcoming mission to the moon.  We received extensive coverage in the written and on-line press as well as TV coverage of our facility and TV interviews with our staff about our various space programs.

Gareth Turner
Senior Brand Manager
John Smiths

“Kelly worked with me on the development and activation of the John Smith's People's Race and John Smith's Grand National sponsorship. I was impressed with her knowledge of the brand, our sponsorship properties and her passion for delivering excellence. The results of the JSPR and JSGN speak for themselves, and Kelly was an integral part of the success.”

Owen Kyffin
Whitley Stimpson LLP

“Kelly has been a great help to me in communicating to our clients and the wider business community current taxation issues and news as it arises. Using her network and skills she has consistently delivered good quality and high profile press coverage.”

Patrick Lisoire
Publicity Manager
Camelot UK Lotteries Ltd

“Kelly is hugely creative in her approach to PR, fully understands the complex requirements of her client (The National Lottery at the time) and delivers with a smile on her face!”

Pete Atkinson
Vice President
United Kingdom & Ireland, Backbase (formerly of Percussion Software)

"Kelly worked very well with our marketing, sales teams and importantly our customers. She quickly understood our proposition and then generated a consistent flow of positive media coverage in key IT publications and end-user titles spanning education, accountancy, charity, not-for-profit and media. Kelly also managed our analyst relations and awards submissions.”

Knut Western
The Tall Ships Races

“Kelly is hard working, devoted and an excellent networker to the benefit of our organisation and the aims we have. Her journalistic excellence has been proven in many ways..”