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Mike Kearns
Former Managing Director
Neptec UK

I would highly recommend the use of Kelly Lea's professional PR services if you want excellent coverage of your news in the UK.

Kelly provided PR support to Neptec UK (prior to Neptec's purchase by MDA/MAXAR).  She organized a very successful publicity campaign to highlight Neptec/MDA's development of a lunar landing sensor for an upcoming mission to the moon.  We received extensive coverage in the written and on-line press as well as TV coverage of our facility and TV interviews with our staff about our various space programs.

Elaine Mckechnie
Head of Marketing
Oxford Innovation

We have been very impressed with KellyLea PR's structured and creative approach which has resulted in an expanded remit from working with just one of our business and innovation centres through to several of our centres across the UK. I have no hesitation in recommending KellyLea PR to anyone who would like to see results from their PR budget.

Adam Crisp

"KellyLea PR has provided with a national public relations programme achieving consistent media coverage in our target markets.  This included announcing the  acquisition of two European companies and launching our flagship product (SIP Encrypt) to the security sector in addition to raising awareness of our channel offering.  We have no hesitation in recommending KellyLea PR's services." 

John Tanton
On Your Marks Events

“Original ideas delivered to completion. Advice and support to us as a new business has been exemplary, and often over and above the normal call of duty.”

Nick Rusling
Human Race Group Ltd

“Kelly worked with me on various projects over a number of years. Some of the events were well established and requiring creative input to maintain interest with the press and some were innovative and newly launched, therefore requiring brand direction and clarity of vision. Kelly had a huge input into each of these due to her breadth of knowledge, passion and professionalism.”

Peter Cardy
Former CEO
Sail Training International

“Kelly works well with journalists and is able to persuade them to do things they didn't know they wanted to do - like climbing the 150 foot masts of Tall Ships. Kelly also recognised the huge potential of social media for communicating with our natural audiences worldwide.”