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Hundreds march in protest against hospital closure

The Wantage community showed they are force to be reckoned with on Saturday when hundreds of people marched in protest as part of the Save Wantage Hospital Campaign.
Members of the hospital's League of Friends delivered a letter to David Smith, CEO of Oxfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group, to express their concern that there is no immediate health risk from Legionella in addition to underlining the importance of the hospital at a time when Oxfordshire County Council is cutting adult care budgets.
Wantage MP, Ed Vaizey, marched alongside protestors. He said: "The Save Wantage Hospital Campaign has had an impact and the people of Wantage should be congratulated.  Oxford Health must hold a genuine public consultation to assess what services are needed in Wantage.  It is too far for people to travel from Wantage to the hospitals in Oxford or Wallingford.  It is quite right for campaigners to say they don't want the hospital close.  We don't want the hospital to be closed down by stealth."
The campaign organisers are asking for support from the wider Oxofrdshire community to help them reach over 10,000 signatures on their online petition, which can be found at